Infant Brains vs. Adult Brains

For those of you wondering why it is so important to develop your infant’s brain now rather than later on in life, it is important to understand just how different an infant’s brain is compared to an adult’s brain.

When you are first born that is when the majority of your brain activity is at its peak performance because everything is new to you, every sound, every color, every voice, every event, it is creating memories inside of your brain structure, allowing everything new to become an adventure.

When you get older, your brain starts to compare things to other events that it has known, that is why we cling to things that are familiar to us as we grow into adults, it is also why the saying, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks comes into play. In fact, it is the same reason we are able to recognize familiar faces.

Puberty also plays a huge factor in how adult brains are vastly different than infant brains, primarily by changing what we desire as people as we grow up.

Young girls that grew up wanting to play with princess dolls and other girls’ toys are conditioned by their inherent and newfound sexual desires to want to play with more erotic types of toys¬†instead. Similarly,¬† young boys that grew up playing with toy soldiers or miniature race cars would now rather spend their time working out at the gym and chasing women.

These changes are drastic and for the most part impossible to prevent. And in a way, this inevitable change in how we adults think almost keeps our brain from unleashing its full potential, especially when sex-related desires come into play.

It is not that we lose intelligence as we get older, but rather we are controlled by urges rather than being more open to other thoughts and ideas.

In addition, when we get older, we already become set in our ways and we do not see why things have to change if we have always done things one way.

It is like breaking a habit and as we get older things we care about change, we start to see the world differently, we look at events as less fun and people becomes less of something that we cling to.

Humans develop their personality before the age of seven, which means everything we encounter before this age is how we develop our personalities.

Yes, we can always change as we get older, but it is harder to adjust to different things and instead of learning something new, we look at it as change, which is not true, we constantly evolve, but as we become adults, we look at things in a more bleak way and try to regain our childhood by being unable to let go of certain events and feelings, which circulates our minds into being revolved around certain adult things such as having a family, being a parent, being in a relationship, focusing on our jobs and by time our minds have a chance to sit back and think about life, it is hard to even have time to focus on anything besides those key points.

Children, on the other hand are like a sponge, they do not care about those things yet, they still have the ability to be creative and dream with their eyes open, so, when you are around a child, it is important to gear them in the right direction of having manners, respecting other people, learning how to stay calm in bad situations, how to keep their lives in a sturdy structure.

Of course, there is no guarantee that they will remain that way through there whole life, but most people have a tendency as said before to always return to their roots or base personality, this is important because when we try new things, if we are unhappy, we tend to go back to a place in ourselves were we were happiest.

Raising your kids in a disciplined way is not cruel, in fact, it has been shown that people who are taught life lessons at a young age tend to be better, stronger and willed people as they get older.

The first seven years of life are the most critical for learning and growing into the person who your child is going to be for the rest of their lives.