The Importance Of Talking To Your Children

When you are first brought into this world, it is the most critical time in your life for development, during this time, you start to understanding feelings, the first people you are going to love are your parents.

When you talk to your child as infants, you are growing a stronger bond with them, during this time they get used to hearing your voice as a comforting tool, even adults say that just hearing one of their parents voices through the phone when they are having a bad day is still enough to cause their bodies to automatically release stress.

Speaking to your children as soon as possible is not only good for growing a relationship with them, but it also helps them become better listeners as they advance through the stages of their lives.

There are actually many studies that support the fact that talking to your baby helps to rapidly develop their brain, even when they aren’t yet capable of speaking themselves!

Children, more than anyone cannot stand to feel rejected by someone, especially their parents, by talking to them, even though they do not understand what you are saying, will make them feel like they are not alone and will naturally make them happier.

The tone of your voice is important to speak in a slow, calming nature, the reason behind this is because during the first five years of your child’s life is when they start to understand different emotions, you do not want them to associate anger or sadness as something that is normal, not yet.

Children who grow up in an abusive home tend to be more likely to express every day conversations with a louder tone that has a hint of anger lining it, even if they are not upset, the reason this happens is because when they were growing up, someone in the house was also screaming, which they thought was the normal tone to use in every day conversations because that was how they were brought up.

It sounds crazy, but everything that you do when your child is little, under the age of seven is what is going to create the foundation for the rest of their lives, because that is the time frame where they develop who they are as a person.

It is true what they say, everything about your child does start in the home, speaking to your child on a regular basis throughout the day and acknowledging them every time you pass them or walk into a room is actually not a weird thing, in fact, it is making them more acceptable to people.

Being a parent is one of the hardest journeys anyone will ever go through and no parent is perfect and it is okay to make mistakes, but learning things that can help ensure that your child has the best life and trying every day to make sure that they are happy and healthy is anything that any child could ask for.

If you feel uncomfortable talking to your child at first, that is perfectly normal, but it is something that you are going to have to get over, because having communication early on from the minute they enter this world is going to greatly benefit them later on in life with relationships, family encounters, school, learning and friendships.